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Buy your sweets from our online sweet shop,  or pop in to the shop in St.Helens choose from hundreds of your favourite sweets or why not book your children's parties in Merseyside  .

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Well let me tell you, it isn’t like any other mine. You aren’t going to find Gold or Diamonds or anything like that. No way hosay! It is the only mine in the whole entire world, that you will find chock full of sweets. And I’m not talking any old sweets, no sir-ee! I’m talking about the crumbliest chocolate, the milkiest milk bottles, the juiciest jellybeans, the fluffiest marshmallows, the smoothest toffee and the most scrumptiously scrumptious fudge you will ever taste anywhere, ever!

We are always hard at work, digging for the most delicious creations to share with you in our shop  (which is built above the mine of course) and our on line store. Discover our deliciously amazing, mouth-wateringly fantastic, zing-poppingly tasty sweets! So pop in to the shop or buy our sweets online.

We offer children's parties in Merseyside

During a party at the sweet mine, up to 8 kids decorate their own sweetie jar and fill them with as many sweets as they can, optional extra's can be added to make the birthday party extra special, if you would like any further information regarding our children's or If you would like to book a children's party please contact us

Children's parties in Merseyside

It takes many ingredients to open such an amazing Sweet Mine. It needs a dollop of dedication, a ladle of luck, a handful of hard work and a spoonful of secret success sauce. But the most important ingredient by far has got to be one happy memory. Confused? Let me explain.

Leslie, Stephen’s late father, would have had his birthday on the 10th October. It was the happy memory of Leslie that made Stephen and Jayne want to open an incredible Sweet Mine in his honour. Unfortunately due to circumstances beyond anybody’s control, they couldn’t open on his birthday. But, this did not stop them opening up a week later.
Stephen and Jayne opened the doors of the Sweet Mine on the 17th October 2014 after a considerable amount of planning and organisation. The shelves were stocked, the walls decorated and the ice cream was chilled (because no one likes melted ice cream). Opening day was a great success, with family, friends and a whole heap of new customers coming to visit and celebrate a vibrant new sweet shop throwing open it’s doors to the public. It was that one happy memory of that made everything else possible.

So you see, without happy memories, no one would be able to get out of bed in the morning, let alone open for business! The Sweet Mine is built on happy memories, of Stephen’s late father as well as new memories being shared every day by our staff and customers. Stephen and Jayne are incredibly proud of their shelves lined with tasty sweets and colourful treats and invite everyone, whether you are young or old, tall or small to visit and pick out your favourites.

All that they ask in return is for you to bring along one happy memory of your own and share it with them. You never know, it may end up growing into something as magical as the Sweet Mine!

Order from our online sweet shop and get free delivery for orders over £25. Our online sweet shop sells everything from sweet boxes and jars to sweet hampers, if you are looking to order a sweet buffet for your party or wedding please contact us.

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